The history of R.S. Saniation Pvt. Ltd. is about it passion for bathing sanitation from more than 25 years. Its product are reflection of art & personal expressions and nothing enables you to express yourself more beautifully in the bathroom than PERK BATH ACCESSORIES, PERK offers a imaginative Bath Accessories collection you had ever set up eyes on, a collection that has something for everybody and just about young, modern and emerging designs.

Behind our success lies the backing and strength of our highly qualified and extremely competent team who have rich in experience in their fields of quality & manufacturing.


Luxury Range

Obviously temperament, no more words to say the value.


Products Range

Best Bathroom accessories solution.


Perk is now awarded Asia's Most Promising Brand


Also awarded Mega Brands for 2016.

We constantly strive to introduce the most innovative and latest designs that suit Indian conditions and yet carry an international appeal.

QUALITY exclusive and stylish range of Bath Accessories seeks to re-engineer the way Bath Accessories are designed. The superb finish and styling leaves nothing more to be desired. We have a very flexible and ever increasing range of Bath Accessories, that is made to suit customer's requirement and match the current market demands. All our efforts and years of experience to develop original product lines to satisfying the needs of urban & demanding clients.

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As a leading player in the Bathroom accessories Industry segment in India, R.S. Sanitation has always strived to enrich lives by creating quality products that exceed cusstomer expectations. We have not only made a mark in the domestic market, but overseas as well. We have been exporting the finest of engineering goods to more than 10 countries in the regions of Europe, UK, and Indian Sub-continent and have satisfied customers all over the globe. We are proud that we have been successfully delivering world class quality products, which are awarded with Asia’s Most Promising Brand. Perk offers an imaginative bath accessories’ collection you had ever set up eyes on – a collection that has something for everybody and just about young, modern and emerging designs. The history of Perk about it passion for bathing sanitation for more than 25 years. View More....


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R.S. Sanitation has specially design luxury range products for architect and designers bathroom products.

Products are made solid brass with chrome plating that keep product's beauty and long life for years.


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